Sunday, January 22, 2012

Top 10 Most Titillating Pinoy Movies

These are the movies that cannot help but make you hot. Alternatively classified as bomba, ST (sex trip), or TF (titillating…) films, these movies usually generated a lot of controversy in and out of the movie industry, and especially in the MTRCB. Although castigated for their sexual content, several of these movies did tackle Philippine issues relevant to their time. Of course, it IS the sexy parts that people will remember more. So, if you can’t wait any longer, turn down the aircon’s thermostat, prepare to be heated up, and read on to find our list of Top 10 Most Titillating Philippine Movies.

1) Scorpio Nights (1985) - This 1985 steamy sensation of Peque Gallaga was actually based on a doctoral thesis entitled “The Sexuality of the Filipino Male and Female.” Who knew that academe could be translated so sexily? The story revolves around a young voyeur who has an obsessive lust for, and eventually an affair with, the wife of his neighbor. This movie has one lengthy love scene between the two extra-marital lovers.

2) Live Show (Toro) (2001) - originally banned by the MTRCB, this film is about the workers in the live sex industry. Apart from the sex, it was also considered a moving view of people who have to sacrifice their self-respect in order to give pleasure to others.

3) The Boatman (1984) - this film was also originally titled “Toro” and is also a film about a male live sex worker (or toro). It features a simple boatman who finds his way in Manila as a toro and makes the mistake of falling in love, with tragic consequences. Its ending is one of the most disturbing finales in Philippine cinema.

4) Virgin People (1983) - the first of the series of movies with the same title, it features three virgins in a local village who discover the pleasures of the flesh with a handsome stranger and a lecherous uncle.

5) Burlesk Queen (1977) - apart from being a highly sensual film, this movie swept all nine artistic awards in the 1977 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF). Unfortunately, public uproar caused the MMFF to withdraw all awards a few days later. This is the film where Vilma Santos bumps and grinds as a burlesque performer, shedding her usual innocent image.

6) Tatarin (2001) - another film by Tikoy Aguiluz (director of The Boatman), this movie is based on the famous Nick Joaquin short story “The Summer Solstice,” featuring a liberating ritual where women dance wildly around a tree, supposedly to ask for fertility.

7) Tatsulok (1998) - another directorial foray by Tikoy Aguiluz, the film is about an older married woman who has an affair with a much younger man. Things become more interesting when the married woman’s long-lost daughter turns up and gains the interest of the woman’s lover.

8) Twilight Dancers (2006) - this is another macho dancer story where the dancer becomes an object of lust for men and women alike. Given an X rating by the MTRCB, it is also taken as a social commentary on themes such as globalization.

9) Pila Balde (1999) - this movie starring Ana Capri is slice of daily slum life in Metro Manila. Capri plays a poor but honest girl who desires a handsome flirt but is ignorant of the love of young water boy. The film, again, is a commentary on the cruelties of poverty.

10) Sibak: Midnight Dancers (1994) - a touching movie about three brothers, all of whom work as strippers in a gay bar, and all of whom have homosexual lovers.

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